Modern Advances In Roof Technology

Taking Advantage Of Modern Advances In Roof Technology

Has your home’s roof seen better days? If it is time for you to replace your roof, you should take a look at modern advances in roof technology. Roofing has come a long way, and your new roof may be able to add functionality to your home.

Roofing That Improves Safety

A number of technological advances in the roofing industry revolve around safety. As an example, a new type of bitumen asphalt was introduced that is flame retardant. This type of roof can help to keep a home safe in case of a fire.

Other roofing materials are far more durable than the ones that have been used in the past. If you invest in a roof that is made with cutting-edge materials, you may be able to spend less money maintaining your roof in the future.

Green Roofing Technology

Other advances in roof technology are designed to improve the environment. Green roofs, which are roofs that can support a garden, have been very popular in the last few years. Solar panels are also quite popular; a lot of people are converting to solar technology.

If you have concerns about your carbon footprint, you should look more closely at these kinds of technology. Solar technology can reduce your consumption of energy, and it can also reduce your utility bills. Green roofs can improve air quality and reduce storm water runoff. It’s clear that these kinds of roofs offer multiple benefits.

Hybrid Roofing Systems

People don’t necessarily have to select one roofing material for their home. It’s very common to see hybrid roofing systems these days. One very common system is a hybrid asphaltic system. This combines bitumen sheets and BUR ply sheets.

Materials are always something that you will have to consider when you are having a new roof installed. The materials that you select will effect the look of your roof, and they will also have an impact on its performance. Thankfully, today’s consumers have more options than ever before. Take a look at your choices and decide what kind of material you would like to go with.

While installing a new roof can be expensive and time-consuming, it does have its benefits. If you put in a brand-new roof, you will have the chance to take advantage of modern advances in roof technology. Roofing technology has seen a lot of growth, and some incredible things are now possible.

Green Roofing Options.

Many people are looking for ways to take care of the environment while trying to maintain the original look, and this can be seen in roofing. There are certain roofing options that have been shown to be good for the environment. Going with a green roofing option doesn’t mean sacrificing the looks of your home.

Tile Roofing Materials

If you are looking for a roofing option that will last for up to hundred years, then you may have to consider tile. Faux slate roof tiles is a great option especially when you are living in a warm climate. The reasons why it is considered a green option is its composition and the fact that it can be recycled. The curved shape of the tile helps in ventilation. They come in a wide range of colors. They are also heavy, meaning that it keeps the cool air inside on a hot day.

Shingles or shake Material

These are the most popular roofing materials in the market but can be the least cool of the roofing options without the right engineering. They are the least reflective, and you want to have a roof that reflects heat, not the one that collects. Some people will request for them to be treated with reflective pigments to improve the green qualities of the roofs. To fully make it greener, paint with bright white.

Roof Pavers

Paving is paving tiles that have been designed for the roof. They are usually 2 inches thick and it has been shown to reflect up to 78 percent of UV light. They ae heavy, and a roofing that is entirely made out of pavers will be as heavy as a stone roof. It can weight more than 23 pounds per square foot. This means that they can be very efficient when it comes insulation. If your home cannot hold the weight, you can have the pavers on smaller areas of the house.

Living roof

This concept is not cheap and will need a lot of maintenance. Structural evaluation will be needed to assess the exact lead the building can take before you can decide to build the roofing. They have been shown to have insulation and thermal resistance properties. You will need to maintain it just the way you would normally do a garden. You will also have to be careful when choosing plants to grow up there. Growing an oak tree will be a terrible mistake.