Why Do I Need a Roof Inspection?

A roof has a primary function of protecting your home from rain or heat from the sun. A damaged roof can allow rain water to leak through it into your home and even damage your belongings. Ceiling, walls and floor could also get damaged. Mold or mildew could start growing in your house, causing health-related problems.
Regular maintenance of your roof is a necessity to help protect your home from mold growth and property damage. It is important to hire a professionally trained expert to inspect your roof for any damages or leakage that might need repair.

Benefits of Roof Inspection

Roof inspection helps prevent aging and weathering of your roof. Regular inspection keeps you aware of the status of your roof; whether it is aged or worn out and need repair or replacement. This would help minimize unexpected damages such as leakage or pests infestation. Gryphon is a quality Phoenix roofing company specializing in commercial and residential roofing inspections

Inspection also helps prevent damage caused by plants or animals nesting on your roof. Mold might begin to grow on your roof if it’s left unmaintained. Gutters tend to harbor bird nesting and plants growth. This means it should always be cleaned and trees around the roof trimmed. A roof inspector can help identify such problems.
Roof inspectors assist in disclosing security issues in your home. Most intruders access homes through roof skylights or hatches. If a roof inspector finds areas of your roof where intruders are likely to exploit, they let you know and repair them. Broken skylights can also cause water leakage.
Roof inspection also assists you cover your roof repair or maintenance under the manufacturer’s warranty. Some problems causing roof leakage could be under a manufacturer’s warranty, helping you save your money. Inspection also helps ensure your home’s drainage is working.

Why Choose Gryphon Roofing Company

We have professionally trained experts in residential and commercial roof inspection. Our focus is to meet the needs of our customers because our success depends on your happiness. Our services are available 24/7 to ensure that each homeowner’s most pressing needs are attended to whenever they call for our services.
We are just a phone call away and always ready to help. Our team is also well equipped with the right tools and equipment required to inspect and repair roofs. We’ve been in business for decades, making us your reliable roofing experts. Moreover, we’re licensed to offer roof inspection, installation and repair services.

Roofing Inspection Conclusion

We inspect material of your roofing, roof structure and the condition of the roof including ceiling. Our experts ensure your roofing is in good condition throughout the year. A roof inspector is handy when you want to buy or sell a house or have a newly installed roof. Roof cleaning could also be a better way of maintaining your roof.
Hailstorms or strong winds can cause damage to your roof, something only a professional roof inspector can assess. Clean your gutters and find missing or damaged roof shingles. A roof inspector ensures your roof doesn’t have hidden issues that can cause future problems.

Contact us Gryphon Roofing in Phoenix if you would wish to work with us to help you maintain your roof by inspecting it on a regular basis to prevent future complications.