Saving Money On Home Construction

“Today, cementing, other approaches and false roofs are being utilized to cover shoddy craftsmanship as well as mistakes,” says Ravi Kesaravalli, chief architect of a well-known design and architectural company in Pune. “When constructing a wall, if the bricks are precisely kept and sealed, you do not require more than half an inch of plaster on the walls. This equates into extensive savings as cement is costly.”

The benefit of plaster has actually increased the use of cement to hide mistakes made by workmen. Well determined and prepared spaces for doors, size of displays, windows and closets can save the expense of knocking down or re-doing walls.”

According to Jayaram, well-constructed and properly set up walls can conserve as much as 20-25 percent of the construction expense, due to savings on cement. This is a considerable quantity as building spending plans have the tendency to surpass almost 90 per cent of the times.

Some actions to take when constructing a house:

” Structure a house is generally an once in a life time process. I strongly advise a day-to-day see to the site, when the workers are at their job,” states Kesaravalli. “In this manner you will have the ability to put pressure on the professional and keep the employees dedicated.”

” At the beginning stage itself if you discover a wall is not being built properly, get the worker to take it down and re-do it,” states Jayaram. “This way they know you mean business and will be careful when laying bricks/stones. Never ever enable it when they state, ‘we can cover it up with cement’. A sound wall indicates less cementing and for this reason, lesser cost concern.”


” As far as possible have rectangular spaces,” states Jayaram. “Even an 11×15 ft ratio readies. You need less steel rods to support and reinforce it.”


” You can have a strong staircase with two support beams. With Saadarhalli stones and 2RCC beams as support, your staircase is strong. The additional thick layers of cement are more a routine done out of fear, by the professional,” adds Kesaravalli.

Other cost savers:

Bricks of clay/Valapattanam bricks or cement blocks, all them need less cement

Use of clay tiles or Mangalore tiles as roofing and Meyeder filler tiles which can give a flat roofing system