7 Ideas To Upgrade Your Garden This Summer

It’s easy enough to disregard your garden over the winter months. Falling temperature levels and miserable weather condition makes it less than interesting invest any more time outside than necessary. Whilst this uses an excellent opportunity to focus on enhancing other locations of the house, it often suggests that our gardens aren’t in the very best shape when summer returns around.

With summertime finally here, most of us outdoors folk will already be well into planning how to revive our garden this year. But instead of simply regenerating your garden’s existing features, why not introduce something brand new?

Whether you’re a professional landscape artist trying to find special concepts to impress your clients or a DIY lover aiming to change your outdoor space, here are some concepts to upgrade your garden this summer.

A new patio area

Setting up a new patio can transform the look of your entire garden. Whether you have a little, modern-day garden or a big area with lots of elaborate features, block paving will assist to make your outdoor space look visually pleasing all year round.

Your chances are limitless in regards to customization too– whether you prefer sandstone or concrete paving, stretcher bond or 90-degree herringbone design, the option is yours. Using the proper jointing compound for the job is important and items such as the self-setting Sika FastFix All Weather appropriate for joints from 5mm broad, ensuring an expert, durable surface. These products are far easier to apply than standard approaches such as sand and cement, and with many offering weatherproof homes you could even begin early and get your brand-new patio in place throughout the rainy spring months. Why not take a look at our guide to the perfect patio for some professional suggestions and tricks when applying any paving jointing compound?

Wood fired pizza oven

Relatively among the most popular garden patterns of in 2015, homemade wood fired pizza ovens are a terrific way to add some character to your garden and concurrently make planning meals easier for the summertime. After all, who doesn’t love pizza?

Building a wood fired pizza oven is a lot much easier and less expensive than you may think too; all it takes is some bricks, builder’s sand, cement and a spare weekend. Of course, you could constantly buy an outdoor pizza oven, however you’re sure to save a load of money by getting your hands filthy. Another excellent feature of these homemade ovens is that they likewise double down as an excellent outdoor heating system on those cooler summer nights.

Water features

Presenting a water function has long been a popular way to transform a garden. Your alternatives are unlimited too; water walls and sculpture water fountains fit right in with contemporary gardens, whereas gardens with more of a classic design look great with a water pump-style fountain or perhaps a little pond. Water features are likewise guaranteed to draw in more wildlife to your garden, from frogs and toads to dragonflies and birds, see how the space around your water feature changes over the coming months and years as mother nature works its magic.


Strategically-placed lighting is among the most convenient but most economical ways to make your garden seem like a new space. Festoon lights and fairy lights can be hung from pretty much anywhere– strung up in between poles and other garden items, twisted around trees or perhaps put on bushes and shrubs. You can find these for a reasonable price at most regional builder’s merchants and even on Amazon.

Other popular lighting functions include battery powered lanterns, LED wall lights or perhaps candle lights. Do not forget to choose solar-powered lighting where possible too– this is a fantastic way to save money on your electricity bill and reduce your influence on the environment at the same time.

Vertical garden

With restricted outdoor space in city-centre apartments and numerous new-build housing projects, vertical gardens are quickly increasing in appeal as a way for people to grow fruit, veg and other plants. For those of you who aren’t knowledgeable about the term, vertical gardens “gardens” that are constructed upwards to save area.

Also known as “green walls”, these structures generally overcome hydroponic farming– growing plants in sand, liquid or gravel instead of soil– and frequently consist of a built-in system that delivers water and nutrients to the plants. Stating that, this isn’t always the case– lots of vertical gardens are absolutely nothing more than a set of racks with a number of plant pots on each row. Whichever strategy you pick, vertical gardens are an excellent method to increase the space in your garden.

Offer it a remodeling

As gardens and outdoor areas are left exposed to the weather all year round, they often require more maintenance than other parts of the house. Water damage in particular can leave outdoor patios, brick walls and other stone garden features with serious mould, algae and dirt. Rain and wind can even deteriorate at brick with time, which is why numerous building professionals use weatherproof surface area treatments to any exposed bricks, concrete or stone functions. If your outdoor area is in need of some love, then why not invest a long time offering it a transformation? Algae eliminators such as Everbuild Patio Wizard can eliminate any green growth with very little effort. From here, don’t forget to apply a weatherproof acrylic finishing such as 405 Path & Patio Seal.

Develop a course

Developing a course is a terrific method to separate your garden into various areas. This can make the management of your garden far easier, devoting various areas to different types of plants. For smaller sized outdoor areas, a semi-circle course from one side of your garden to the other or a straight course down the middle of your garden generally works well. For bigger outside spaces, the world is your oyster; you could have one path that causes a little pond, one course that lead to a remote bench, and another in-between your flower beds. Like the wood fired pizza oven, creating a garden path takes far less effort than you might anticipate too. With smaller gardens you’ll have no problem building out your path over a peaceful weekend.

Whatever upgrades you have in mind for your garden this summer season, there’s no much better time to begin planning than now. Prior to you understand it, summer will be almost over and you will not be able to fully gain the rewards from your efforts!